rug pads

Rug Pads: Essential for Every Rug in the Home

Rug Pads provide extra padding, increased comfort, safety, insulation and sound proofing in the home. They protect the rug's weave, extending the life of the rug and protecting your investment. Nourison offers three quality rug pad options: Shift Loc, Firm Grip & Rug Loc.

See the chart below to find the one that's right for your home.

10 year guaranteed non-slip safety*
Will not stain or discolor flooring
Fire retardant
Moth proofed
Protects hardwood, stone & hard surfaces
Usable on carpet
Comfort cushioning & sound proofing
Advanced cushioning & sound proofing
Premier cushioning & sound proofing
Cut to size with household scissors
Made from 100% recycled fibers
Green Label Plus™ certified

Guaranteed to retain non-slip properties for 10 years, with proper care.

Rug Pad Size Use with Rug Size*
30 in. x 50 in. 3’ x 5’
20 in. x 90 in. 2’ x 8’
40 in. x 60 in. 4’ x 6’
56 in. x 90 in. 5’ x 8’
65 in. x 95 in. 6’ x 9’
90 in. x 116 in. 8’ x 10’
90 in. x 128 in. 8’ x 11’
102 in. x 138 in. 9’ x 12’
114 in. x 162 in. 10’ x 14’
138 in. x 174 in. 12’ x 15’

*All sizes are approximate.
Use size represents standard rug range.

Rug pads can be cut with household scissors to custom fit your rug.

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